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Human-Like Trainless AGI

What is Human-Like Trainless AGI?

Welcome to the future of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). 

Meet Ekronity, a groundbreaking AGI model that goes beyond conventional AI and machine learning approaches.

Unlike traditional models that heavily rely on extensive training data and complex algorithms, our AGI model harnesses the power of human-like understanding without training.

It mimics the intricate processes of human comprehension, enabling it to grasp insights and capabilities without the dependency on preconfigured training and costly computing resources.


Prepare to witness a new era of AGI in a way that closely resembles the human mind.

 How does it work?

Unlike other AI models, Ekronity requires no dataset training or machine learning technologies.

While others link together narrow AI engines to enable a multimodal AI that can do many tasks, we developed an innovative model architecture of the software.

This model architecture can think like a human and learn like one.

The most significant difference is that Ekronity does not require any dataset training and does not use machine-learning technologies like current AI applications, language models and other generative artificial intelligence. 

We at Ekron Labs took a completely different direction in creating software capable of understanding any field without prior machine training.
The model mimics the structure of the brain's processing layers that process visual, auditory, and language.

Ekronity still has a way to go, but she can impressively recognize and understand visual inputs.

Our techniques to build Ekronity do not use contemporary machine learning technologies, and Ekronity is not trained using any data sets. 


The newly developed Ekron Vision is at the forefront of computer vision innovation powered by our cutting-edge Ekron AGI model.

Ekron Vision redefines the landscape of computer vision technology; it transcends the limitations of traditional machine learning methods by eliminating the need for extensive training.


Drawing inspiration from the human visual system, our AGI-based computer vision system possesses an innate understanding of visual data, allowing it to recognize objects, interpret scenes, and make intelligent decisions without needing a vast dataset. Experience a new paradigm in computer vision where advanced perception meets unparalleled efficiency.

Ekron Vision can easily recognize and identify any objects and accurately analyze any video feed, including live and recorded CCTVs (, video archives,   

images. Our AI-driven system can be customized to fit the needs of any industry, allowing you to quickly and easily process large volumes of data and gain valuable insights. With our cutting-edge technology, you can unlock new opportunities and achieve your goals faster.

Get ready to witness the extraordinary potential of AGI-driven computer vision that sets a new benchmark in the field.

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